How to Earn the Lottie Pro and Lottie Expert Badge?

The Lottie Pro and Lottie Expert Badges are special recognitions awarded to designers who demonstrate exceptional skill and dedication in creating animations using Lottie. Earning this badge will significantly enhance your profile, making it easier for potential clients to discover and hire you.

How to Earn the Lottie Pro Badge

To earn the Lottie Pro badge, you need to have a paid subscription. This demonstrates your active use and investment in the platform.

How to Earn the Lottie Expert Badge

To earn the Lottie Expert badge, you need to meet the following criteria to qualify for the Lottie Expert Badge:

  1. Enable "Hire Me" with at least 10 published animations
    Go to your profile settings and activate the Hire Me option. Please note that in order to qualify for Hire Me, you must have at least 10 animations published on your public profile. Check out this article to learn more about Hire Me feature.

  2. Obtain Certification in LottieFiles Course

    Enroll in a LottieFiles course and earn certification. For example, completing the "Figma to Lottie" course will automatically add a certification tag to your profile.

    Explore the available courses and enroll at LottieFiles Courses.

  3. Subscribe to a paid workspace
    Ensure you have at least one paid workspace. This shows that you are actively using and investing in the platform, further solidifying your commitment and professionalism.

Once you have met the above criteria, you will earn the Lottie Expert Badge. It will be displayed on the "Hire Me" page and in search results, making your profile more prominent and attractive to clients.

Designers with the Lottie Expert badge will have more priority to be featured and this will significantly help in increasing their visibility.

Additional Information:

Please note it may take a few days for the system to synchronize the data and for the badge to appear on the user's profile.



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