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What is LottieFiles Plugin for Figma?

LottieFiles for Figma optimizes your design workflow so that you can focus only on designing. It helps you create realistic prototypes with animations and gives access to the world's largest Lottie animations library right within your favorite design tool, Figma. 

With the LottieFiles plugin for Figma you can:

  • Export your Figma designs as production-ready Lottie animations, and use them across your websites or apps.
  • Access a library of over 80,000+ free, ready-to-use animations
  • Bring your privately previewed animations to Figma
  • Bring your team’s private Lottie animation library to Figma
  • Personalize animations using our custom brand color palette
  • Insert animations as GIF
  • Insert animation frames as high-quality SVGs

Key Features

Figma to Lottie

Effortlessly create captivating animations within Figma and export them as production-ready assets.
LottieFiles for Figma aims to empower designers, developers, and marketers to craft stunning animations with little to no learning curve.

Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 4.03.39 PM.png

Insert your private files or choose from over 80,000+ free animations

Search and click to bring any animation directly to your Figma designs.

Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 4.04.16 PM.png

Create your production-ready animations

Choose between animated presets or connect multiple frames to create an animation on Figma. 

Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 4.04.51 PM.png

Customise animations for your brand

Apply popular color palettes or bring your colors to match your brand style and aesthetics.

Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 4.05.36 PM.png

Download LottieFiles for Figma

You can download the plugin from this Figma Community page or search Lottiefiles on the Community > Plugin


Installation Guide

You can install the Lottiefiles plugin in Figma for the Figma web platform or on the Figma Desktop app.


Figma web platform

Simply go to this link and click on the Install button on the right-top of the page.

Once you clicked on the Install button, you will be prompted to log in to Figma and it will automatically add the plugin to your profile.


Figma Desktop App

 1. On the menu bar, click on Plugins --> Manage Plugins...
2. Click on Browse Plugins in Community
3. Search Lottiefiles and click on the Install button


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