How to add Lottie animations to WordPress?

You can now easily add a Lottie animation to your WordPress site by using LottieFiles for WordPress plugin!

Check out the tutorial video below or simply follow the steps below:

1. Install the LottieFiles for WordPress plugin on your WordPress. You can get the plugin from here 

2. In the WordPress Gutenberg editor, add a new block.

3. Search for the Lottie block and insert it.

4. To add a Lottie animation, you can choose from a few options:

  • Click Discover animation to browse the LottieFiles animation library
  • Click Media Library to browse Lottie animations you’ve uploaded to WordPress
  • Click Insert from Url to paste a Lottie JSON link

5. Once added a Lottie animation, you’ll see a preview of it in the Gutenberg editor.


And that’s it! You can adjust the animation settings in the right-hand panel. For instance, you could give your animation a transparent background, change its width and height, trigger the animation with different interactions and more.



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