Does LottieFiles for Figma Dev Mode support VS Code?

Exciting news! The Lottiefiles for Figma Dev mode now seamlessly integrate with VS Code.

This enhancement allows you to access LottieFiles embed code directly within your code editor, empowering you to save countless development hours and streamline the design-to-development workflow.

To begin leveraging this functionality, follow these simple steps to install the extension in VS Code:

  1. Launch VS Code and navigate to the Extensions panel on the left.
  2. Search for "Figma for VS Code" and install the extension.

Once installed, you'll notice the Figma icon appear in the sidebar:

  1. Click on the Figma icon to access your Figma files directly within VS Code.
  2. Explore your files, review layers, and extract code snippets effortlessly.

This integration promises to enhance collaboration and efficiency, bridging the gap between design and development seamlessly.


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