How do layers work in Lottie Creator?

Layers in Creator are a fundamental building block for manipulating objects within your animation. They allow you to control and modify specific elements independently, providing flexibility and precision in your design process.

For example, if you have a character in your animation, you can create separate layers for each element of the character, such as the body, head, and limbs. This allows you to animate each element independently or animate multiple elements together.


Parent and Child Layers

Layers can have parent-child relationships. A parent layer serves as a container that can hold one or more child layers. By arranging layers in a hierarchical structure, you can control transformations and animations of multiple objects collectively by manipulating their parent layer.

Manipulating Objects in Animation

To manipulate objects using layers in Lottie Creator, you can select individual layers and apply transformations such as scale, rotation, and position. By modifying the properties of a specific layer, you can alter the appearance and behavior of the associated object within your animation.

For example, if you want to scale the character in your animation up, you can select the parent layer for the character and then adjust the scale property. This will scale the character up along with all of its child layers.

Appearance and Path Layers

Appearance layers can change the color, opacity, and other properties of an object, while path layers create animations that follow a specific path. By using these two types of layers together, you can create complex and dynamic animations.

For example, you could use an appearance layer to change the color of an object as it moves along a path. Or you could use a path layer to create an animation of an object rotating around a point.


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