What are “Scenes” in animation projects?

Scenes are a useful way to organize and manage different components of your animation. They allow you to break your animation down into separate sections, making it easier to work on specific parts and make changes without affecting the entire animation.

Inserting from Lottie Library or Uploading a File

When you insert a Lottie animation from the library, it is added as a nested scene in the "Main Scene" tab. This means that the animation will be placed within the main scene and can be included alongside other nested scenes. If the animation has nested scenes, there may be additional Scene tabs. Uploading a file to an existing scene will also add it as a nested scene.

Editing a Scene

To edit a scene, simply double-click on it in the nested scene layer with the xxx icon or double-click on the canvas. You can then make changes to the assets, layers, and properties of your scene. Your changes will be automatically saved to the Lottie file.

Here are some additional benefits of using scenes in Lottie Creator:

  • Scenes can help you organize your animation project and make it easier to manage.
  • Scenes can help improve the performance of your animation by reducing the number of assets loaded into memory at any given time.
  • Scenes can help you make changes to your animation without affecting the rest of your project.


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