How is the LottieFiles for After Effects plugin different from the Bodymovin plugin?

The LottieFiles for After Effects plugin implements all the Lottie generation features of Bodymovin. While both LottieFiles for After Effects and Bodymovin export animations in JSON format, there are some additional features that the LottieFiles plugin has:

- render a Lottie animation in real-time (instant preview)

- exports in Lottie JSON and dotLottie formats

- render graph to keep on eye on your animation’s CPU usage

- push to the LottieFiles mobile app to test your animation works on multiple mobile devices

- browse through a free library of animation AEP files on LottieFiles

- try your Lottie on different colored backgrounds to test for different 

- see your previously previewed animations on LottieFiles

- upload your animation to LottieFiles from the plugin



Here is LottieFiles for After Effects with just some of its features on show. 


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