Expired Workspace

If your subscription expired and failed to auto-renew, your workspace will enter a suspended state after a 3-day grace period.

During this suspended state, you will need to take action to continue using the platform.

What Happens When Your Workspace is Expired?

If your workspace’s subscription isn’t renewed within the grace period, the following changes will occur until you renew or cancel the subscription:

  • You’ll lose access to your workspace and all its assets
  • You won’t be able to collaborate with your teammates
  • Your asset links will be disabled
  • Your shared animations will no longer be accessible to anyone
  • You’ll no longer be able to preview animations or save Lottie Creator files to your workspace

What Can You Do During the Expired State?

During the Expired state, you can decide to either upgrade or downgrade your subscription. An action must be taken to regain full use of the platform.

To continue the subscription or to cancel the subscription renewal, please go to your Workspace Settings and navigate to the Billing tab.

Note that only the owner of the workspace has the ability to manage the subscription renewal. If you are a regular member, please contact your workspace owner to proceed.

Important Note on Cancelling the Subscription

Please note that if you cancel the subscription, you will be downgraded to the Starter Plan. This plan only provides access to free features and limits your uploads to 10 assets. If you have more than 10 assets, you will only be able to access the 10 latest animations, and the rest will be greyed out unless you upgrade.


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