Getting Started with LottieFiles for Webflow

The LottieFiles for Webflow app offers seamless integration of Lottie animations which is now natively supported into your Webflow projects!

  • Access over 100,000 free animations from the public library or import your own Lotties from LottieFiles workspaces.
  • Simply drag and drop the Lottie animations to insert into your Webflow site.
  • Customize animations effortlessly using the built-in color palette tool.
  • Make your designs come alive with interactive elements by setting up triggers for animations.


Check out the guide below to get started:

    1. Install LottieFiles for Webflow App
    2. Insert Lottie animations into Webflow using the LottieFiles App
    3. Customizing Lottie animation in Webflow using Color Palette
    4. Add interactivity to your Lottie animations in Webflow


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