How can I retrive my files if I have more than 10 files in my workspace

Starting from 3rd March 2023, we have updated the limit of the number of private animation files for Free tier users. This update limits the number of private animations that can be stored in the workspace from 50 to 10.


It is important to note that this does not impact animations that are published to the public. 


What happens if I have more than 10 private files in my workspace before the changes?

Please note that your previously uploaded animations will remain in your workspace, but they will be inaccessible unless you upgrade to our paid plan. However, you can still access the latest 10 uploaded files in your workspace. If you have reached the 10 animations quota, you will not be able to upload new ones unless you clear some space to allow for new uploads.


How can I retrieve all my files from my workspace including the inaccessible files?

To retrieve all your files from your workspace, follow the below steps.


1. Select the first 10 files from your workspace. 

2. At the bottom of your screen, select the option "Download as". This gives you the ability to download your 10 files in bulk.

3. Once you have completed the download, select the 10 files again and this round, click on delete assets.

4. The next batch of 10 files will move forward from your inaccessible category.

5. Repeat until you have downloaded all the assets. 

Alternatively, you can switch to the List View option to select all of your animations and download in a bulk at once.

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