Colors are not changing when using Color Palette

You come across a beautiful animation, but the colors don't match your project, so you decided to change them with color palette.

However, after attempting to modify the colors, you found out that nothing has changed.



Root cause

This could be due to how the animation was created.

If the animation was created using individual images on separate layers, it may not be possible to modify the colors using a color palette.

This is because lotties do not contain information about image colors, making it impossible to manipulate them.


How to identify if the Lottie consists images

To determine if a lottie animation contains images, you can simply open it in an editor and examine the layers. If the animation contains images on separate layers, it is likely that the colors cannot be modified using a color palette.

Example, this animation consists of images on all layers.

1. Click on "Edit layer colors"

2. Examine the layers on the left.



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