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Have you ever encountered a situation where your Lottie animation appeared differently when viewed on web, iOS, or Android platforms? This could be due to the presence of features in your animation that are not supported on those platforms.

The compatibility of Lottie animations across different players, such as web, iOS, and Android, can be a concern for designers and developers. This is where Feature Support Checker comes in.

Feature Support Checker is a free tool that helps identify the features used in a Lottie animation and check its compatibility across different Lottie players. With this tool, designers and developers can easily test the compatibility of their animations, ensuring that their work will be displayed correctly on different platforms.

To use Feature Support Checker, simply open your Lottie animation in the workspace. From there, click on the Additional Information button on the right panel, and then click on the Feature Support Checker dropdown. The tool will display a list of the features used in your animation, and indicate whether they are compatible with different versions of the Lottie player. You can also click on the dropdown under Change selected libraries to test on other libraries such as Skottie, rlottie and select the different versions to test the compatibility.


By using Feature Support Checker, designers and developers can quickly and easily determine whether their Lottie animations will work correctly on different platforms, saving time and effort. 


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